Shigbeard's Blog

Just a place for me to dump my various thoughts and ramblings. All opinions are my own.

26 Sep 2022


Hello. My name is Nathan Davies-Lee, but on the internet I go by the name of Shigbeard. I’m an amateur software developer and computer enthusiast, currently studying a Certificate IV in Information Communication Technology at TAFE NSW. I stream on Twitch, I volunteer with the Fuel Rats, I help moderate several Discord servers and Twitch channels… and I maintain this website!

I initially made this website for two reasons: Firstly, as a URL shortener because I was becoming increasingly frustrated with bitly’s oversaturation, and the tendency for online chatrooms to outright block bitly urls under the guise of blocking IP grabbers… but also as a place to host my own emails. Since then, the site has been many things: An anonymous image board, an image host, a file sharing service for me and my friends… and for the longest time it was a terrible attempt to port Minecraft into JavaScript using threeJS. This current iteration is just a list of my socials and my blog.

This blog serves as an outlet for me and my ramblings. Expect this to be extremely political and sometimes even filled with hot takes. The site uses static site generation, so there likely will not be a comments section. If you want to talk to me, go click on one of my socials over at the home page.